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We are building a new organization dedicated to
reversing the digital attention crisis and
realigning technology with humanity's best interests.

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We have built a world-class team of former tech insiders and CEOs who intimately understand the culture, business incentives, design techniques and organizational structures driving how technology hijacks us.

We’ve convened top industry executives, advised political leaders, and raised awareness of the problem to millions of people through broad media attention. Building on this start, we are advancing thoughtful solutions to change the system.

The Problem

Learn how technology is hijacking our minds and society.

The Way Forward

Here's how we can build a more humane technology ecosystem.


Take Control

Try these simple changes to live
more intentionally with your devices.

You can help in many easy ways.

With your help, we can can get technology platforms to stop hijacking
our minds, and to start putting our well-being first.

Step 1: Join the Movement

Receive thoughtful, periodic updates with
the latest news and ways to engage. 

Step 2: Get Involved

From spreading the word to volunteering,
we've got a way for everyone to get involved.

Step 3: Make a Donation

Your financial support helps bring
our projects to life more quickly.

Watch the TED Talk by Tristan Harris

"How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day"
has been viewed by over 1.5 million people since it was released in August 2017.