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This movement relies on consumer awareness. The more people who know, the better!

Are you a teacher or parent?

Host a screening of the 60 Minutes segment on "Brain Hacking"  in your classroom. Ask kids what they think. Share it with other parents.

60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper (12 mins)

60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper (12 mins)

Do you have friends who work at technology companies? 

Share with friends who work at technology companies – especially Apple, Google or Facebook. Share your stories of how brain hacking has affected the people in your life.

Do you work for a large technology company?

Share this in-depth interview on "What is Technology Doing to Us?" with your team which goes into detail on the arms race for human attention. Open a conversation about how this applies to your company.

Have time to volunteer on any of these projects?

  • Consumer Awareness
  • Community-building for parents and educators
  • Ratings for apps and websites
  • Design research
  • Economics research 
  • Lobbying for consumer protection
  • Hippocratic Oath for persuasion
  • Bill of Rights for attention

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Technology companies listen when you speak. Show them you care.

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