Our Team

We have built a world-class team of deeply concerned former tech insiders and CEOs who intimately understand the culture, business incentives, design techniques, and organizational structures driving how technology hijacks our minds.


Since 2014, we have articulated the problem to millions of people through mainstream media outlets like 60 Minutes, TED, and Real Time with Bill Maher. We have convened top industry leaders in private settings and presented directly to Heads of State and political leaders to drive change. We've also worked with leading designers and technology executives to find ways to align their products with the well-being of humanity.


Tristan Harris
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Tristan Harris, called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience” by The Atlantic magazine, was the former Design Ethicist at Google. He became a world expert on how technology steers the thoughts, actions, and relationships that structure two billion people’s lives, leaving Google to engage public conversation about the issue. Tristan spent over a decade understanding subtle psychological forces, from his childhood as a magician, to working with the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, to his role as CEO of Apture, a technology company that was acquired by Google. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, TED, The Atlantic, the PBS News Hour, and more. He has worked with major technology CEOs and briefed political leaders, including Heads of State. Tristan holds several patents from his work at Apple, Wikia, Apture, and Google.


Roger McNamee
Founding Advisor

Roger McNamee is co-founder of Elevation Partners and a 35-year veteran of technology investing. Roger helped Facebook in its early days as an advisor to Mark Zuckerberg, and introduced Sheryl Sandberg to Mark. Starting in 2016, he became concerned about Facebook not taking responsibility for how its platform was being exploited to influence elections and disenfranchising different groups. Roger is best known for early stage venture investments in Electronic Arts, Rambus, Overture, Facebook, and Yelp, as well for the leveraged buyout of Seagate.


Renée DiResta
Founding Advisor

Renée researches the impact of social network communities on specific policies and political issues. She is particularly interested in the spread of pseudoscience, and in the role of automation and bots in mass collective action. She regularly writes and speaks about the role that tech platforms play in the proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy theories.


Aza Raskin
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Aza Raskin helped build the web at Mozilla as head of user experience, was named to Inc and Forbes 30-under-30 and became the Fast Company Master of Design for his work founding Massive Health, a consumer health and big data company. The company was acquired by Jawbone, where he was VP of Innovation. Before that, he founded Songza.com (acquired by Google), and studied dark matter physics. For Aza, the problem is especially personal: his father, Jef Raskin, created the Macintosh project at Apple with the vision that technology should help, not harm, humans.


Randima (Randy) Fernando
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Randy Fernando brings a values-driven mix of management, technology, and nonprofit backgrounds. For 7 years, he was Executive Director at Mindful Schools, a nonprofit he helped to grow from a fledgling $200K organization to a $4 million leader in the mindfulness field, impacting nearly a million children worldwide. Prior to that, Randy ran several award-winning projects over 7 years at NVIDIA, including three books he authored on real-time computer graphics. His work has been used in many top-flight video games, including Grand Theft Auto V, Assasin's Creed IV, and Far Cry 4.


Lynn Fox
PR & Media


Sandy Parakilas


Founding Allies


James Williams

Co-Founder, Time Well Spent
Ex-Google, Philosopher at
Oxford Internet Institute


Joe Edelman

Co-Founder, Time Well Spent
Philosopher Sociologist
Ex-CTO, CouchSurfing


Max Stossel

Head of Content & Storytelling
Ex-VaynerMedia, Ex-Anomaly,
Award-Winning Artist 


Key Advisors & Supporters


John Zimmer



Justin Rosenstein

Co-Founder of Asana
Co-Invented FB 'Like' Button


Arianna Huffington



Dave Morin

Founder & CEO
Sunrise Bio


Dr.  Natasha Schüll

Professor, NYU
Author, Addiction by Design


Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Founder, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


Azita Ardakani

Honeycomb Portfolio




Common Sense


The National Day of Unplugging




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