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This movement relies on consumer awareness. Together, we can demand better tech by avoiding harmful products and rewarding products that value our well being.

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Have a conversation about Humane Tech with your friends, family or coworkers -- online or in-person. Use this website as a resource. If you share this site on social media, please consider also having a discussion about it in the real world.


We are actively raising funds for the new organization we're building. Our team is dedicated to reversing the digital attention crisis and realigning technology with humanity's best interests.

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Other Ways to Engage

Are you a teacher or parent?

Host a screening of the TED talk "How a Handful of Companies Control Billions of Minds Every Day" by Tristan Harris.

Do you have friends who work at technology companies? 

Share with friends who work at technology companies – especially Apple, Google, or Facebook. Share your stories of how brain hacking has affected the people in your life.

Do you work for a large technology company?

Share this in-depth interview on "What is Technology Doing to Us?" with your team. The interview goes into detail on the arms race for human attention. Open a conversation about how this applies to your company.


Have time to volunteer on any of these projects?

  • Mapping the harm-footprint of technology
  • A Beautiful World: Illustrating what a world of humane tech looks like
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Community-building for parents and educators
  • Ratings for apps and websites
  • Design research
  • Economics research - alternative business models & the true cost of the attention economy
  • Lobbying for consumer protection
  • Hippocratic Oath for persuasion
  • Bill of Rights for attention
  • Speaking locally on this topic

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