1.  Settings > Do Not Disturb


2. Do Not Disturb While Driving -> Activate -> Manually

DND Driving Image.png

3. Do Not Disturb -> Auto-Reply: copy and paste below

**This is an auto reply.** I'm focused at the moment.

To create your own away message, visit: www.timewellspent.io/away


5. Back to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls:

Press the green + sign next to "Do Not Disturb While Driving"


4. This is how it will appear when someone texts you:

They will have the option to send another text with the word "urgent". If they do, you will receive both text messages, but this way you won't be interrupted if it is not important.


6.  Now you can easily turn your away message on and off from your control panel.

DND 2.jpeg

Thank you, Jordan Dodds for this discovery! Original post here