Download apps and extensions that can help us live without distraction.

Sleep better

Flux (Mac, Windows)
Reclaim 15 mins of quality sleep by cutting the blue light from our screens.

Turn on NightShift (iOS)
Blue light from screens late at night tricks our body into believing it's still daytime, which disrupts our natural ability to sleep.

Stay focused

AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Safari)
Reclaim 30-40% of your attention with every article you read.

InboxWhenReady (Gmail)
Focus your inbox by only showing messages when you click "Show Inbox" instead of getting distracted as new emails arrive.

Freedom (Mac & Windows)
Temporarily block specific websites or apps on your desktop, tablet and phone for set periods of time.


See where your time goes

Respond quickly

Moment (iOS)
See how much time you spend on your phone.

RescueTime (Mac, Windows)
See how much time you spend on different apps on your desktop along with various websites.


50% faster "swipe" typing than regular keyboards so you can respond to a message and get off your device more quickly.

Send audio messages
Recording a quick audio messages is often faster than typing, and lets many people  send a more authentic message.


Less email

Enable "Send + Archive"

Gmail only. This archives the email right after you send it.
The email will reappear in the inbox when the person replies.