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  • Consumer Awareness
  • Community-building for parents and educators
  • Ratings for apps and websites
  • Design research
  • Economics research 
  • Lobbying for consumer protection
  • Hippocratic Oath for persuasion
  • Bill of Rights for attention

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Critical Media

The race for attention leads media companies to produce bite-size, less researched stories written for shareability and immediacy, not truth. 

How do we change incentives to support the critical media values we want? How would we design media experiences that engage active, critical mindsets and contradictory evidence? How would you design a video player that encourages active, critical thinking and not passivity?


New Metrics

What's a better way to measure success than time spent?

We need metrics that capture the difference between meaningful clicks, shares, purchases or time spent – and those people regret later. How do we measure lasting positive benefits that account for the unique goals of each person?


New Business Models

How can apps or websites profit without relying on advertising?

We need new hybrid business models -subscription, payments, conditional contracts. Which businesses already do this successfully? What helped previous entrenched markets to change? (e.g from CO2 emitting to renewable energy vehicles, or regular to Organic farming.) 



Design for Agency

How can our devices respect our attention, intentions and the freedom of our mind?

What are layouts for menus and scrolling feeds that support meaningful choicemaking? What should be the default settings while treating individual people with unique goals with dignity?


Livable Social Networks

What would an empowering social network look like?

What kinds of online social environment are better for us?  Are there online or at-a-distance analogues of eye contact or reassuring touch? What can sociology say about the best role for strangers in our lives? What about for distant friends? Are there online social environment that better support vulnerability, mentorship, growth experiences, and other key aspects of offline sociality?


Programming Paradigms

What new approaches of software engineering are needed to create livable and social media environments?

Are there gentler, less rigid approaches to like customer service and work tracking? What hardware paradigms would support us in dividing our interactions as we like between screen-based and in-person?