We always worry... What's different this time?

Societies always worry about how new media and technology could harm culture—what’s different this time?

  1. 24/7 Immersion
    No other media (TV, radio, computers) caused two billion people to be immersed 24/7, from the moment of waking up, to checking 150 times per day, to falling asleep. 
  2. Social Control
    No other media (TV, radio, computers) defined the terms of our social lives: defined our self-esteem, defined when we believe we are missing out, or defined the perception that others agree with us.
  3. Intelligent & Self-Improving
    No other media (TV, radio, computers) constantly improved itself to predict what keeps us hooked to the screen, or to predict which wording of political messages will get our attention.
  4. Personalized
    No other media (TV, radio, computers) used a individualized profile of what you've ever said, shared, clicked, watched to fulfill its goals to keep us clicking, while vanishing ours away.