In the future we will look back at today as a turning point – away from technology designed to extract attention and erode society, towards a totally different kind of digital environment designed to replenish and renew societies while protecting our minds and our humanity.

Four ways to redefine our future

1. Changing Device Design

Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are in a position to solve this problem, because maximizing addiction or use isn’t their business model. They can redesign their products to be humane: instead of emphasizing app usage, they can redesign their devices and App Stores around how to most benefit users and society while minimizing screentime. They can replace the attention-extraction model with a benefit-centric model.

2. Government Advocacy

Governments can pressure technology companies to humane business models by including the negative externalities of attention-extraction into their balance sheets, and creating better protections for consumers. We advise governments on smart policies that enable a more rapid transition to a humane digital future.

3. Public Pressure

Consumers don’t want to use products that they know are harmful, especially when their kids are harmed. We can transform public awareness where consumers demand technology that isn’t designed to extract the most attention from us. We will help consumers become part of a movement, and to take control of their digital lives with better tools and habits.

4. Employee Action

Talented employees are the greatest asset of technology companies. Most engineers and technologists genuinely want to build products that improve society, and no one wants participate in an extraction-based system that ruins society. We will empower employees who advocate for non-extraction based design decisions and business models.