Our Mission

Our mission is to purposefully redesign our technology environment to empower human greatness – to protect our attention, our human connection, and our democratic capacities.

A problem of this magnitude requires a coordinated effort between industry players, institutions, investors and governments to change the technology environment through which manipulation occurs, leading to an environment where technology is our ally: transparent, accountable, and driven to help us pursue what is most important to us.

We operate on three key areas:


Transform Awareness:
Unequivocally Establish the Human Attention Crisis

Define the existential problem and meme with media campaigns, enabling millions of people to understand how their own minds are being hijacked. Catalyze a new mass self-awareness movement, recognizing our attention as an exploitable resource that lacks crucial protection.

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Transform Design:
Redesign Technology for Tapping into Human Greatness

Produce a comprehensive map of how human attention gets manipulated, catalyze platform makers (Apple, Google, and Facebook) to transform the design of their existing and future attentional environments to protect and empower minds.


Transform Business:
Align Business Goals with Human Greatness

Catalyze a movement to reform the advertising business model and develop new accountability schemes. As technology platforms become even more effective, intelligent, personalized and persuasive at steering human minds at scale, their goals, resources, teams and incentives must be transparent and aligned with human thriving.