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The movement that ends Human Downgrading won’t be built on hashtags—it will be built on meaningful human relationships. We at CHT are building those relationships as quickly and meaningfully as we can, but don’t wait for us.

Talk to people about the way that human downgrading shows up in your work, your families, and in the communities you care about. Share the tools and strategies that help you to resist it. Together we can change the way technology is built.

Tech Insiders

Educate yourselves about the ways that your products impact human sensitivities. You can advocate for new incentives and KPIs that support humane technology. You can find others who share your values, some of whom are speaking up in isolation, and lend them your support.

Policymakers & Voters

Familiarize yourselves with the systemic forces driving Human Downgrading and the competing regulatory frameworks for addressing them. Some of these frameworks, such as GDPR, happen at an international level, but many are being implemented locally.


Help explore how Human Downgrading is a source of unexplored financial risk. Are there reasons why business practices which create Human Downgrading may be riskier than the market currently realizes, especially if a movement and new regulations are emerging to challenge them? Are there reasons why business practices which promote Humane Technology may have an unrecognized advantage in the market?

Domain Experts

Help chart the path forward such as academic researchers, experts with direct experience in harms being caused by technology and innovators exploring humane technologies. Make your expertise accessible to those who want to understand the problem and the path forward, educate people building technology or planning to. Educate your local politicians. Find ways to join cross-disciplinary conversations about the problems that we are facing.

The Center for Humane Technology is facilitating this work, but the movement is and must be far bigger than us.

If you’d like to learn how to plug into our work directly please let us know more about yourself below. We’ll review your background and do our best to connect you with the most appropriate projects happening in our network.

You can also check out our job openings. If you’re eager to discuss these issues, great conversations are happening on the Humane Tech Community forums.

And, after all that, if you still want to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you’re welcome to do so. Our hope is that we are demonstrating a thoughtful approach to social media that reflects the values we stand for.